The Most Popular Posts on London Hiker

The most popular posts on London Hiker

I’ve been running this website since 2011 and I’ve posted up a fair bit of London walking information in that time. But which posts are the ‘greatest hits’? I dug around in my website statistics to find out.

1. Q&A: Hikes near to London with great views?

Q&A Hikes near to London with great views

The most popular post EVER on London Hiker is a Q&A in which I answered a question about great views near to London.

This makes sense, it’s exactly what I’d want to know if I’d recently started hiking in London, too.

Actually I’ve posted a lot more about this since I published this short post!

If you’re interested in great viewpoints, you might like this more recent article, too, which provides a very different perspective from my own:

The best views in London: 24 experts reveal the unmissable viewpoints

2. The best book for day walks from London

Best London walking hiking book

I’m a HUGE fan of the Time Out Book of Country Walks and I love to recommend the books for day hikes from London.

Many years on I still think they’re the best if you want REAL countryside walks from train stations around London (and some great country pubs and tea shops too).

Doing the walks in these books opened my eyes to some of the wonderful countryside surrounding London.

I’m glad people are still discovering them!

3. Looking for a Hiking Group that Gets out of London?

Hiking Groups London

I still maintain this list of hiking clubs that do weekend trips out of London, plus a link to the excellent list maintained by Rambling Clubs of the many, many walking clubs that do organised day walks from the city.

This is still a popular topic and I often get asked about organised walks and clubs to join – I’m often directing folks to this page!

4. You can have London and the hills

You can have London and the hills

One of the first posts I wrote and a manifesto of sorts!

I was passionate to reassure readers that living in London didn’t mean missing out on Britain’s gorgeous countryside, green spaces and natural wonders.

If you want a bit of inspiration and four suggestions of fantastic walking areas you can reach within 1 to 4 hours of London, check it out.

5. Q&A: Where are the steepest hills near London?

Where are the steepest hills near London

As a hill fan I loved answering this fab question and as you’ll see I found 10 ‘steepest’ hills accessible from London in a day walk, plus some other great ideas for wonderful viewpoints that weren’t necessarily steep hills but were still worth a mention.

As the London Hiker tagline says, “Satisfy your hill walking cravings!”

Want more hills in your life

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