10 Must See London Walking Maps

Ten must see London walking maps

Here are ten of the best and most interesting maps to help you get the most of walking in and around London.

1. London’s Walking Routes (Transport for London)

This is a great place to start: this map immediately gives you a great visual idea of how the major walking trails fit together across London.

You can click through to get detailed maps for any of the specific trails too.



2. Walker’s Tube Map (Londonist)

Londonist have come up with a fantastic twist on the major walking trails and created a Walker’s Tube Map, which shows 13 of the most prominent walking routes in a familiar tube map style.

This is particularly great for seeing how the various routes interlink.


Not only that but they’ve created a great intro video explaining major routes, too.


3. Walking Times Between Tube Stations (Transport for London)

Prompted by various unofficial versions over the years, TfL finally produced their own map showing walking times between tube stations.

“A TfL spokeswoman said: ‘What we have seen is that people are desperate for this sort of thing, so we have created it. We focused on central London, zones 1 and 2, and based the times on our journey planner.’ [Evening Standard]



4. Calories burned walking between tube stations (Treated)

“It probably isn’t news to most people, especially to those who live in the capital, that strike action recently resulted in some sections of the London Underground temporarily closing… It was when the demonstration was in full swing that we started to wonder how many calories someone might burn if, for instance, they decided to swap certain legs of their journey for a walking commute.” [Treated: Get Fit with our calorie busting tube map]



5. When it’s quicker to walk between tube stations (Rodcorp)

“For some journeys it’s really not worth getting on the tube: it takes a long time, and costs you money. Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to walk… One of the very few weaknesses of the standard tube map is that its distortion of geography (a very successful attempt to present the different stations and lines more clearly) sometimes means that it’s not clear when the tube trip is unnecessary… But here’s a slightly altered map showing which stations are an arbitrary and as-the-crow-flies 500 metres apart from each other (there are many more stations 600, 700+ metres from each other” [RodCorp: London Tube Map with Walklines: sometimes it’s quicker to walk]



6. London’s Green Spaces & Parks (Greater London National Park City)

A beautiful map showing just how green London is: great to see how the various walking routes visit the green spaces, or just to get ideas. Click through, save the image and then zoom in to see the detail.

“Londoners share a very long and proud tradition of protecting and enjoying our natural and cultural heritage. Friends of parks, town planners, the Royal Family, the Corporation of London, the Greater London Authority, conservationists, councils, government departments, developers, builders, charities, campaigners, allotment keepers and generations of millions of gardeners – all continue to contribute to making our capital one of the greenest cities in the world for its size.” [Greater London National Park City Campaign]



7. Waterways Sound Map (I M Rawes / London Sound Survey)

A fantastic and fun representation of London’s rivers and waterways in its own right, but click through and you can actually listen to recordings from each ‘stop’ on the waterway.

“An auditory tribute to Harry Beck’s Underground map, the skeleton which has long lent shape to the city in the minds of Londoners. Here sounds were collected from along London’s canals and lesser rivers.” [Sound Survey]



8. Topographic map of London (Topographic-map.com)

You want hills? Want high ground? This map will show you where it is.



9. Mount London ‘Peaks’ (Tom Chivers & Martin Kratz)

A map showing the ‘peaks’ written about in the book Mount London: Ascents in the Vertical City.

Not necessarily all green spaces, these are an interesting mixture of London high places, hills and viewpoints.

Click on a pin and you can read a snippet from the book!


10. Walking the Tube Lines – GPS logs (London Photo Project)

This map shows the GPS logs from walking the tube lines above ground. You can click through to see the individual tube line maps – it’s a fascinating insight into what walking the tube lines is like above ground.



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