Guest Blogging

Interested in blogging for London Hiker?

Interested in Guest Blogging?

Hello! My name’s Catherine and I run London Hiker.

My aim is simple: to help Londoners get out of the city and into the countryside.

On the London Hiker website, I aim to showcase some of the best countryside walking within reach of London by public transport; whether it’s suggestions for day hikes in and around London or weekend breaks in the British countryside.

If you have an idea for a guest blog that fits with this mission, I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s some more info about the website:

Some statistics and info about the website!

(Last updated February 2016).

Visitors per Month:

Sessions: 6,584

Unique visitors: 5,471

No #1 Google search for London + hiking

No #1 Google search for Hiking + Britain + London

Mailing list

London Hiker Monday Hiking Tip mailing list: currently growing by about 50-60 new subscribers every month. Members get a weekly hiking tip sent out on Mondays.

Social Media Stats

Facebook: 770
Twitter: 1,895
Instagram: 200 – note, this is my personal Instagram not just about London hiking 🙂
YouTube: 105 subscribers


London Hiker has been featured in the following websites and blogs:

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In January 2016 the site won the Trespass blogging award for the best walking/hiking blog.



1. The blog idea MUST be relevant to walking/hiking/outdoors in or around London! This includes weekend breaks from London.

2. Having said that I sometimes do accept posts about general hiking tips Here are some examples:

3. Business owners note: I do accept blog posts from business owners BUT the posts MUST be more than just a ‘promotional piece’ for your business. They must be interesting and valuable posts in themselves and NOT just about your business. Here are some examples from business owners that I’ve published previously. Note how useful, practical and informative they are!

4. I am willing to consider re-publishing a post that has already been published on your own blog, if I feel it is suitable.

5. Have you made an interesting VIDEO about a London walking topic? I like to showcase videos – please do send me the info. Examples of previously featured videos:

6. Contact me first to propose the idea and I’ll let you know if it’s ok to go ahead. I’ll try to reply as soon as I can but please note I have extremely limited time to manage this blog and I may not reply for a few days. Please be patient with me and thanks for your understanding!

7. Word count: around 700 – 2500 would be fine. This is flexible.

8. Sending the blog: email the text to me in a .doc or .rtf file (not .docx please!) or in the body of an email.

When you send the finished piece you will need to send me the following:

  1. A profile picture of you
  2. Images to illustrate your post, in landscape format. If you do not have any images I may be able to source some, so please let me know. By sending me the images you are giving me permission to publish them on my blog. I always add a copyright note at the bottom of the post saying the images are your copyright used with permission.
  3. A short (one paragraph) biography of you
  4. Links to your website, social media etc.

Here’s what will happen if your post is published:

1) I will create a header/title image for the blog post.

2) Posted on front page of website immediately after posting. Usually this would be on the front page for 1-2 weeks.

3) Afterwards, listed in ‘Resources’ section indefinitely.

4) Promoted on Facebook & Twitter immediately after publishing.

5) Promoted on Twitter occasionally thereafter, indefinitely.

6) Emailed to London Hiker mailing list subscribers. (Note this is not done immediately but as part of the weekly emailing schedule I have set up for subscribers. Individual subscribers may receive the email on different weeks, depending on where they are in the email sequence. This means that subscribers will be learning about your blog on a continual basis over time, at different times, rather than all at once. If this makes no sense don’t worry about it – just know that they will get emailed!).

NOTE: I don’t have comments on my blog but I encourage reader feedback to you via social media.

Contact me

Email me at [email protected] to propose your idea!

Looking forward to hearing from you!