20 top tips for London hikers – FREE!

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I have a fantastic neeeewwwwwww freebie for my list members!

20 top tips for London hikers

It’s 20 tips on 20 pages (including videos), all from my experience, covering:

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  • The best place to get hiking maps and guidebooks in London
  • The ‘one stop shop’ London location for all your hiking gear
  • How to look at Ordnance Survey maps online for free
  • The little known way to get 1/3rd off train travel in the south-east
  • The ‘must have’ hiking gear for hiking outside of London (3 tips!)
  • The only book you’ll ever need for day walks close to London
  • The 3 best London parks for pretending you are deep in the countryside
  • The best way to waterproof your leather boots
  • How to dry your boots faster
  • How to avoid the ‘travelling light’ packing mistake I made that left me going ‘yuuuuuck’ for 4 hours
  • The ‘miracle cream’ product I never leave out of my first aid kit… and that I once got a taxi to bring to me when I was without it
  • The one thing you must always check before booking into a hostel
  • What to do with your hiking boots when they’re worn out
  • 6 things to do when you can’t get out to the hills for a while
  • How to go to sleep in London and wake up in the Highlands of Scotland or on the Cornish coast
  • 3 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 3 national trails close to London
  • Why I think you deserve to go on regular hiking weekends… even if it does feel expensive

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